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Frequently Asked Questions

We deal in various products such as, Bedsheets, Dohar, Comforter, Warm Bedsheets and Duvet

There are various benefits of Pure Cotton bedsheets, such as, they are Soft, Natural, Comfortable, Breathable, Easy to Wash and quality to absorb sweat.

Our products are manufactured under a closed supervision of industry experts who take utmost care while the products are being manufactured with respect to its colour fastness, shrinkage property, stitching quality, etc.

Online home furnishing market is solely dependent on the photographs being displayed by the seller to the customer, hence it plays a major role in making a buying decision. We @ Pure Decor make all our products undergo studio shoot in which each product is shot from 7 different angles to provide an in-depth feel of the product.

All Pure Decor bedsheets and Duvet covers are packed in Pure Decor signature round box packaging by default, we also have premium red carpet box packaging at an additional cost.

Yes, bedsheets are a basic need for any bedroom. Considering this and our packaging USP, makes our products best for gifting.

We have various bedsheet sizes in which we deal, such as Super King Size Bedsheets, King Size Bedsheets, Queen Size Bedsheets, Medium Bed Size Bedsheets and Single Bedsheets.

Super king size bedsheet means bedsheets with sizes (120 X 120) inches, (114 X 120) inches and (108 X 120) inches.

King size bedsheet means bedsheets with sizes (108 X 108) inches, (100 X 108) inches and
(90 X 108) inches

Queen size bedsheet means bedsheets with sizes (90 X 100) inches and (90 X 90) inches.

Medium bed size bedsheet means bedsheets with size (70 X 100) inches.

Single bed size bedsheet means bedsheets with size (60 X 90) inches.

Poly cotton bedsheet means the bedsheets whose fabric is made with the help of thread made
of polyester. Polyester is basically a man-made yarn made with the help of plastic granules.

We deal in various type of fabrics, such as, Pure cotton fabric, Poly cotton fabric, Cotton satin and flannel.

Different products have different wash care instructions depending on the nature of the fabric used in making the product. The instructions for each type of product are mentioned in its description clearly.

Dohars are quilts that are made of three layers to generate warmth for the users. Best suitable during the winters, Dohars have a layer of filling material, which is either cotton or wool. This acts as a layer between the top and bottom ones. The best part about Dohar is the presentation. The top and bottom layers are made using various patches, which when stitched together, give the most beautiful effect. Apart from its appearance, Dohar has quite a few uses. If you live in a city or state with extreme climatic conditions, a Dohar blanket is the right thing to keep you cozy as the temperatures go down. These can be used on a single bed, a double bed, or a king-size bed. Available in various sizes and designs, the wide range of Dohar quilts can suit almost any of the existing dรฉcor you have in the bedroom. Sleeping with a Cotton Dohar will ease away the tiredness of the day and leave you feeling refreshed the next morning. People of any age group can snuggle up in this quilt. Itโ€™s lightweight and doesnโ€™t make you feel suffocated.

Pure Decor is not your regular online shopping website. You donโ€™t find a mix of qualities on the website. The standards are set high since the bed sheets, blankets, and quilts are sourced from the best. If you want to buy Dohar online, the first place to visit should be the website of Pure Decor. Each piece is exquisite and is carefully crafted by highly experienced professionals. By using various filters available on the website, it is easy to buy Dohars within your price range. You can also filter them based on your favorite colors. Moreover, when you can get a good value for money without compromising on the quality, why go anywhere else? Check out Pure Decor to pick some colorful blanket quilts and Dohar.

Cotton twill fabric is a popular weave pattern thatโ€™s characterized by diagonal lines on the top layer of the fabric. Cotton twill results in a sturdy fabric. In fact, are quite suitable for crafting bedsheets.ย 

There is a vast range of bedsheet materials available such as Sateen, Percale, Velvet, Fleece, Cotton, Brocade, and Bamboo textile, etc. So, when the question is about what is the best material, it is quite subjective. Each of these materials has its own set of pros and cons. Overall, cotton is the best bed sheet material as it is soft, breathable, has heat insulation capabilities, durable, and not susceptible to wear, and tear.

Yes, cotton sheets are excellent choices as they are soft, breathable, and highly comfortable. They are indeed low-maintenance, durable, and do not fade away after multiple machine washes. They are also less prone to wear and tear, unlike other sheets. They will keep you warm during winters, and cool during scorching summers.

The most important thing that you need to consider when buying a King-size bedsheet is quality, comfort, style, and personal preference. Before placing an order, it is best to measure your King-Size mattress so that the bedsheet will perfectly fit it. You should be able to comfortably tuck in the bedsheet on the sides so that it does not come out.

King-size bedsheets made of pure cotton material are the most comfortable and breathable to sleep on. It is highly recommended for those living in a hot and humid climate, those with sensitive skin, and those who tend to get sweaty while sleeping. Our king size bed sheets are also easy to maintain as they can be machine washed.

Generally, the higher the thread count, the softer the sheet, and the more likely it will wear well.
Double bedsheets with a thread count of 160 are ideal for a comfortable sleep.

If the bedsheets are too big, they will slide, tangle and end up on the floor. Measuring the bed or the mattress will let you know exactly what size to buy to ensure a proper fit and a good night's rest. With a measuring tape -

1. Measure the height from the floor to top of the mattress.ย 
2. Stretch across the mattress to measure the width
3. Measure from top of the mattress to the headboard to determine the length.

Follow these simple steps to pick out bedsheets based on the size of the mattress.

Pure Dรฉcor is the most popular choice for luxury bedsheets. Our attention to detail to the execution of the design and the finishes will allow you to bring your home decor to life. From textured and earthy to soft and luxurious, we offer an exciting range of bedsheets for you to choose from.ย 


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Pure decor pure cotton super king size double bedsheets with two pillow covers plain queen single India bedsheet set bed buy online


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Pure decor pure cotton super king size double bedsheets with two pillow covers plain queen single India bedsheet set bed buy online


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Pure decor pure cotton super king size double bedsheets with two pillow covers plain queen single India bedsheet set bed buy online


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