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Pure Decor Silken Collection Pure Cotton Reversible Double Bed Dohar/Blanket/AC Comforter (221 X 246 cms) A-1352

Rs. 1,730.00

  About This Dohar

Collection - Silken

Material - Pure Cotton

Quality - 180 tc fabric dohar with warm cotton sheet layer

Size - Queen

Dohar Size - (87 x 97) inches / (221 x 246) cms

Package Content - 1 piece dohar

Product Weight - 1600 gms

Shipping Weight - 1700 gms


                                           Key Features

About this dohar - Silken collection pure cotton queen size reversible dohar (different designs on both sides) with premium cotton sheet inside, 180 tc fabric

Dimensions - Our  pure cotton queen size reversible dohar (different designs on both sides) with premium cotton sheet inside size in inches (87 x 95), in cms (221 x 246), in feet (7.2 x 7.9), in meters (2.21 x 2.46)

Soft and cosy fabric - this modern body cover will keep you cosy and cool with its 180 tc high count 100% cotton fabric on top and reverse with 100% cotton sheet inside, to provide you comfort, and making the pure decor dohar soft and warm, yet lightweight. This is suitable for summer and light winters as well.

Usability - Designed for year-round use, this ac dohar makes a good addition to any bedroom. toss it over you when you're relaxing on the sofa during spring evenings, or use it as a layering piece under your quilt or bedspread in the summer.

Quality assurance - We practice extensive product checks. The fabrics are thoroughly checked to meet the performances like no pilling, shrinkage, colour fastness, tear strength. The dohar is then inspected piece by piece to be defect free and packed safely in a premium pvc packaging.




Why Pure Decor Dohars? 


Fast Colours of fabrics used in Pure Decor Dohars

During the manufacturing process, our dohars undergoes such process which makes it fit to withstand conditions like rigour of water, direct sunlight, wash, rub, humidity, perspiration and other chemicals.
A dohar whether a pure cotton dohar or a poly cotton dohar are processed by different techniques and printing methods on the fabric of pure cotton and poly cotton dohar. The difference in a quality dohar and the normal dohar comes when the dohars are further more escalated to move to further processing of the testing of the fastness of their colours by pre washing them under the manufacturing unit's controlled environment to let go the excessive colours that are printed on the dohar so that it does not lead to the colour bleeding at the customer's end as it may harm the other clothes being washed with them. We @ Pure Decor are highly concerned about this and take this process seriously and deliver you the best quality dohar.


Pre Shrunk fabrics used in Pure Decor Dohars

Our dohars are manipulated using a controlled process to shrink the fabric before selling them. Pre-shrunk materials can be washed and dried after purchasing and the material is usually able to retain its original size.
When we consider buying a dohar, we generally look for the best colours and sizes of the dohar that are available in the market when online or offline. We ask numerous questions regarding everything but fail to ask the shrinkage probability of the fabric. Similar to the process of checking the colour fastness, there is another process after the dohar is ready after the print is the pre-washing of the bedsheet to check the shrinkage of the fabric. Generally, this process is ignored to cut costs and hence leads to poor customer experience. In our case, all our dohar are carefully made to go through the process of shrinkage check in which the natural shrinkage of fabric is processed even before the it comes in the hands of our customers.


Real Images used in Pure Decor Dohars

At Pure Décor, all our dohars undergo studio shoot, where we snap each product from various angles to provide in-depth view of each product we are offering, hence making it easier for you to make purchase decision.
Pure Decor was originally started its operations considering this issue where the dohars online are displayed with the photographs which were used to print them on the dohars through computers. These photographs lacks the quality to depict the real life fell of the print. We immediately took this as an opportunity and started to shoot our each and every product from various angles to showcase the best possible insight of the product which we offer. This photoshoot helps the customers to easily make a buying decision of the dohar and all other products offered by us. This real photograph concept has made the loyalty of the customers stronger towards us, as they know we will only offer what is being showcased deeply and correctly.


Pure Decor Dohars are Proudly Made in India

We are proud to mention that all the products of Pure Décor are manufactured completely in India, right from sourcing the cotton from farms till packing it, each and every process including Material, Labour and Brains originates from Indian soil only.
India is the major source of cotton. Cotton Is in abundance in India and so are the cotton textile mills. This is one of those crops which is proudly grown by India. All around the world Pure Cotton dohars are the most loved ones due to its qualities like Comfortable, soft, no static electricity, Sweat absorption, coolness and so on. Majority of the people have always and will prefer pure cotton dohars due to its numerous benefits. On the other hand, the poly cotton dohars are made of polyester thread which is made of plastic and is a cheaper alternative to pure cotton dohars. But if you are looking for comfortable and luxurious experience, then always choose pure cotton dohars only.


Benefits of Pure Decor Pure Cotton Fabrics

Cotton has been grown for food, fibre, and even fuel for over 6,000 years. You can find cotton in your clothes, sheets, and towels, but cotton is also used to make things like rope, currency, paper, cooking oil, animal feed, packaging, and biofuels. The benefits and versatility of cotton are numerous.

Choose the natural choice: Use Pure Decor pure cotton bedsheets and enjoy the benefits of this amazing fibre.

Cotton is natural - Cotton is a plant grown from the earth. It starts as a flower and matures into a boll with a fluffy interior, which is spun into the soft fabric we know and love.

Cotton Breathes - Cotton is soft, absorbent, and breathable. Fabric labels containing at least 60% cotton are considered cotton-rich, and are less likely to be itchy, irritating, stiff, or clingy. Cotton breathes better than oil-based synthetic fabrics like polyester, so it keeps you cool.

Cotton doesn't stink - When you are back home and lay down on your bed with sweat all over then your polyester bedsheet soak in different odours. These odours tend to stick to polyester even after you wash it, but this doesn’t happen with cotton. When you wash cotton, the material releases odorous substances more easily than other fabrics. No more smelly bedsheets.

Cotton is Easy to Wash - Cotton is easier to wash and care for than other fabrics, so let your washing machine do your dirty work and enjoy the money you’ll save on dry cleaning.

Pilling Isn’t a Problem - Ever wash your Pure Cotton bedsheet and find pilling once you take it out of the dryer? Pills are pesky balls of tangled fibres that pop up on your fabrics when the fabric rubs against itself or another material. Once nylon, polyester and blends pill, it’s permanent, while cotton sheds any pills in the wash. So if you want your bedsheets to stay smooth, check the label before you buy. When it comes to our health, we don’t cut corners. Staying well, eating right, and getting a good night’s sleep are all cornerstones of a well-balanced, satisfying life. Cotton can help with a couple of these.

Cotton is Hypoallergenic - People with sensitive skin often must be very careful about what kind of bedsheets they use on their beds and they almost always turn to cotton. It’s hypoallergenic, whereas synthetic fibers are much more likely to irritate your skin, whether you’re prone to allergies or not. Cotton is natural – so you don’t have to worry.

Organic Cotton - Both organic and conventional systems offer the benefit of providing us with a natural fiber and their growing practices are similar. Conventional cotton yields (the amount of fiber per acre) tend to be higher than organic, creating a better return on land and water investments. Currently, organic cotton represents less than 1% of global cotton.

Cotton Reduces Risk of Infection - You probably already know that cotton is the best material for bedsheets, but you may not know what your bedsheet is made of. Polyester, nylon, and other synthetic fabrics are often used to make bedsheets, but these fabrics may hold moisture close to your skin, encouraging the growth of yeast and leading to infection. Cotton, on the other hand, breathes and absorbs moisture, keeping you dry and lowering your risk of yeast infection. Remember to check the label for 100% cotton.

Stay Cool in Summer with Cotton Bedsheets- We know the struggle of jobs in summers. A lot of traffic, pollution, sweat and dirt pulls out all our energies. At the end of the day when we are done for the day, what we need is a good night sleep. Since, the weather is generally hot round the year, so we need such bedsheets which can keep us cool during the sleep, and Pure Cotton bedsheets are the best to suit this need.

Cotton Can Help You Sleep - There’s a very good reason why most people invest in good quality cotton sheets. It’s because sheets made from cotton are scientifically proven to help you sleep better, and it comes down to the fiber itself. Because cotton breathes, unlike synthetic fibers like polyester, it won’t trap heat underneath your covers. Cotton keeps you cool during the night, making sure your precious sleep isn’t disrupted by overheating. A simple check of the fibre content label of your sheets can help you determine what it’s made of: 100% cotton sheets are a definite must, and luckily, they don’t have to cost a fortune.

Cotton for Baby - If you’re a mother, chances are you check the label for cotton on most of your child’s clothing, blankets, and burp cloths. Parents always want the best for their children, and since cotton is natural, soft, and hypoallergenic, it’s the right choice for a lot of mothers. When it comes to babies, choosing cotton should be easy. 31% Decrease in Energy Use - processing cotton requires less energy than processing other fibers, like man-made polyester and rayon. Cotton uses sunlight and converts it to a fiber without intermediate processing steps. 100% cotton is natural and returns to the soil, enriching it. On the other hand, synthetic fibers like polyester cannot break down, which causes them to release heavy metals and other additives into the soil and groundwater.

Cotton Is Natural, Unlike Polyester and Rayon - The fact that cotton comes from a plant distinguishes this fiber from man-made materials like polyester and rayon. Cotton is grown on farms, not created in a lab or from crude oil. Unlike synthetic fibers such as polyester and rayon, cotton is natural and grown from the earth. Polyester is derived from crude oil, the same oil that is used to make fuel for cars. Rayon, another man-made fiber, undergoes so much chemical modification that it no longer bears any resemblance to its source substance, trees. Rayon may also contribute to worldwide deforestation.

So, we recommend you to choose from a variety of pure cotton super king size bedsheets, king size bedsheets, queen size bedsheets and medium or single bed size bedsheets.
Wish you happy shopping.!


Pure Decor Dohars are Light Weight

Our Products are made to perfection considering the comfort of the user. The products are made using only the required material in optimum quantity to give comfortable experience along with maintaining its reliability.
Nowadays as the luxuries are increasing, the demands of consumers for more and more light weight products is increasing, as they are easy to carry anywhere if they wish to. Also, they are easy to store inside the cupboards when it is not in use. A heavy dohar requires a lot of space and efforts to store it. Light weight products are also the ones which are of superior quality as they are manufactured in such a way that they maintain their quality even though having very less material used to make the dohars. So the lesser the material the better quality of manufacturing as they have to retain its efficiency of usage for a longer time.
So, we @ Pure Decor offers only the light weight superior dohars to provide you better comfort & peach of mind.


Pure Decor Dohar have cotton sheet inside

Our Dohars are one of a kind products in which a thin cotton sheet is stitched in between to provide a better user experience. The sheet is sewed in a way that it does not collects inside dohar after washing hence retaining its original position.
A dohar originally means a set of two bedsheets stitched together like a sandwich so that it can be used as a quilt to cover ourselves from the impact of direct cool breeze coming straight from the air-conditioners, fans and coolers. But as the scenario changes their is a demand for newer type of products due to the lack of usability of Dohar in some scenarios like when the two or more than two individuals are sleeping in the same room or sitting in their living room, then the preference for room temperatures are different for all, some may feel ok when AC is at 20ºC, while the other may feel chills at this temperature, so a Doha with a cotton sheet makes it a boon for the one who is chilling at this room temperature.


Quality Stitching of Pure Decor Dohar

Our products undergoes a rigorous process of stitching in which each thread pores in the fabric at an even pace and space to provide an exquisite finish to the product.
Stitching plays a major role in deciding the quality of the dohar you buy. It doesn't matter if you buy, single bed size dohar, queen size dohar or king size dohar, the stitching of each type of dohar whether pure cotton dohar or poly cotton dohar, should be of such a quality which can withstand even the extreme rigours of washing and drying conditions. If the stitching is poor then no matter how good the fabric is, the dohar will loose its usability. We @ Pure Decor understands this and make our dohars undergo a rigorous process after the finishing of the product in which even the minutest of the defect in the product with regards to not only stitching, but also fabric or finishing, is rejected, and the dohar delivered to you is in pristine condition.


Pure Decor Dohars are reversible

Our Dohar comes with a benefit of dual fabric used on top and bottom. Dohar can be used from either side which helps you enjoy the satisfaction of two dohars from the same one.
With the increasing range of products comes the need for more and more variable demands from the customers. A customer earlier use to buy what is available in the market, but nowadays the market adjusts itself as per the demand of the customers. In view of this arouse a demand for reversible home furnishing products. It is much common to see that there is a flow of reversible products in the market. But the lack of combinations makes it a bad choice for the customers. We @ Pure Decor are concerned about the best matching of the shades to be used together so that the aesthetics of the Doha does not mis match and give a retarded look. Our Dohars are built with the same fabric on both sides which gives the same amazing experience from both the sides of the Doha, so its upto you which side suits your mood better.

Wash Care Instructions For Pure Decor Dohar

Wash care symbols are signs that appear on the care label of Pure Decor fabrics. These signs give us information on how the Pure Decor fabrics should be washed, dried and ironed. Understanding the wash care symbols is the key to making Pure Decor fabrics last longer. That’s why; we all need to be able to understand the basic washing symbols. These symbols may appear like an all-new language. Once you begin to pay close attention to the symbols, you’ll notice that they are self-explanatory. It is important to read the instructions on the care label to be able to take care of Pure Decor fabrics. We @ Pure Decor are really concerned about the knowledge that our customers should hold so that they have a wonderful experience with their home furnishing products. The wash-care symbols cover a range of small icons that explain requirements for washing, drying, ironing, dry cleaning and bleaching.

Let’s understand each of these subset -

1. Washing Symbols - Knowing how to read the wash care label will enable you to set the wash cycle and water temperature of the washing machine correctly. It is vital to set the optimum temperature of the water as too hot or too cold water can damage the fabric and shape of your Pure Decor product's fabrics. To keep your fabrics in great conditions, it is equally important to use an effective detergent. If you use a washing machine to wash your fabrics, then along with the right temperature, using the right detergent is also important. Always use a machine specialist detergent which have a good feedback in market and is not hard on fabrics - Here are some basic washing symbols :-

Bucket Filled with Water - This means a normal machine or hand wash where the Pure Decor Fabric can be washed at any temperature with detergent or soap.

Bucket with 1 Dot - This indicates that while washing, you must not exceed the specified temperature.

Hand Symbol Inside a Bucket - This means the Pure Decor fabrics should be hand washed.

2. Ironing Symbols - You just bought a new Pure Decor product and you are about to have guests at your place so you need a wrinkle free fabric to be spread on your bed to make your bedroom look neat and tidy, but you don’t know how to iron it. Look at the ironing symbol on the care label and follow the instructions accordingly. It is important to adhere to the instructions because using a hot iron on a delicate fabric can damage it. Sometimes, you do not need to iron the fabric; running steam is enough to dissolve the wrinkles on it.Here are some basic ironing symbols and what they mean :-

Iron Symbol - This means the Pure Decor fabric can be regularly ironed at any temperature.

Iron Symbol with 1 Dot - This means you can only iron and steam the Pure Decor fabric at low settings (110 oC / 200F).

Iron Symbol with 2 Dots - This means you can perform ironing up to a medium temperature on Pure Decor Fabric (150 oC / 300F).

Iron Symbol with 3 Dots - This means you can iron, dry or steam the item up to a high temperature Pure Decor Fabric (200 oC / 350F).

A Crossed-Out Iron - This means ironing shouldn’t be attempted Pure Decor Fabric.

3. Drying Symbols - We have all heard of a laundry disaster where a new Pure Cotton Bedsheet came out shrunk. You can avoid experiencing it by knowing which all fabrics are suitable to be put in the dryer. Please note that drying is a very important part of fabric care. The heat from the dryer can also cause your fabrics to fade. So, it is important to read and understand the washing machine symbols correctly.
Square with Circle - It means that tumble drying is allowed. There are some variations in the tumble-drying technique which you must keep in mind while drying Pure Decor fabrics.

A Tumble Dryer with Dots - This means that a machine dryer must be used at a low heat setting, 2 dots suggests using a machine dryer up to a medium setting, and 3 dots is up to a high setting while drying Pure Decor fabrics.

A Black Circle in the Middle - This means that regular drying can only be performed on the ‘No Heat’ or ‘Air Only’ settings while drying Pure Decor fabrics.

A Crossed-Out Tumble Dryer - This means the Pure Decor fabrics can’t be tumble dried.

Square with Inward Arc at Top - This means that the Pure Decor fabric should be hung on the clothes line for drying.

Square with Horizontal Line in the Middle - This means that the Pure Decor fabric should be laid out on a flat surface for drying.

Crossed Out Twisted Symbol - This means that the Pure Decor fabric should not be wrung to remove excess moisture. It is mostly recommended for delicate fabrics like that of dohars. Such fabrics should be left for drying at a natural pace and leave excessive water by itself.

4. Dry Cleaning Symbols - Some Pure Decor fabrics cannot be washed at home. It is best to leave the job to professional dry cleaners. In many cases some Pure Decor fabrics might need dry cleaning for only the first wash. Read the instructions on the care label to get a clear understanding. Here’s how to read the dry-cleaning symbols :-

Circle Symbol - This means that the Pure Decor fabric can be dry cleaned.

A Crossed-Out Circle - This means that the Pure Decor fabric can’t be dry cleaned.

5. Bleaching Symbols - It is important to understand how bleach works on different fabrics. Hence, always check the care label instructions on your fabrics before using bleach or a non-chlorine based bleaching agent. If the instructions allow bleach to be used, you can use a good quality bleach, which is a fabric whitener. Understanding bleaching symbols on the care tag is simple and can guide you effectively.Here’s how to read bleaching symbols.

A Triangle - This means that bleaching Pure Decor fabric is allowed.

A Crossed-out Triangle - This means that you cannot bleach the Pure Decor fabric.

A Triangle with Two Lines Inside - This means that a non-chlorine bleach can be used on Pure Decor fabric.

Wish you Happy Fabrics.!


Pure Decor is a brand evolved in the year 2019, after doing an intense study about the bedsheet market in India. Pure Decor has its base operations in Mayur Vihar, Delhi, INDIA. We studied the market exclusively for bedsheets including Pure Cotton bedsheets and poly cotton bedsheets having various sizes like Pure Decor Pure Cotton Super King Size Bedsheet with two pillow covers, Pure Decor Poly Cotton Super King Size Bedsheet with two pillow covers, Pure Decor Pure Cotton King Size Bedsheet with two pillow covers, Pure Decor Poly Cotton King Size Bedsheet with two pillow covers, Pure Decor Pure Cotton Queen Size Bedsheet with two pillow covers, Pure Decor Poly Cotton Queen Size Bedsheet with two pillow covers, Pure Decor Pure Cotton Medium Bed Size Bedsheet with two pillow covers, Pure Decor Poly Cotton Medium Bed Size Bedsheet with two pillow covers, Pure Decor Pure Cotton Single Bed Size Bedsheet with pillow cover and Pure Decor Poly Cotton Single Bed Size Bedsheet with pillow cover and found out a major requirement of the bedsheet’s consumer wanting to choose their products by witnessing the actual product’s photograph.
We have always seen the bedsheet packagings to be labeled with fancy photographs which in original is not the product which is being offered to the consumer, hence making it difficult for them to make the right choice.
Apart from the consumer point of view, a major point to be considered was that the bedsheet market which includes Pure Cotton Super King Size Bedsheet with two pillow covers, Pure Decor Poly Cotton Super King Size Bedsheet with two pillow covers, Pure Decor Pure Cotton King Size Bedsheet with two pillow covers, Pure Decor Poly Cotton King Size Bedsheet with two pillow covers, Pure Decor Pure Cotton Queen Size Bedsheet with two pillow covers, Pure Decor Poly Cotton Queen Size Bedsheet with two pillow covers, Pure Decor Pure Cotton Medium Bed Size Bedsheet with two pillow covers, Pure Decor Poly Cotton Medium Bed Size Bedsheet with two pillow covers, Pure Decor Pure Cotton Single Bed Size Bedsheet with pillow cover and Pure Decor Poly Cotton Single Bed Size Bedsheet with pillow cover in India is ruled majorly by Polyester bedsheets which is not a product of Indian origin, hence discouraging the Indian made pure cotton bedsheets. “Make-in-India” & “Go Vocal for Local”, are two of the great moves started by the Indian Government to encourage Indian made goods. We @ Pure Decor understands that its high time we should now start using Indian Products and thus, we are here, offering you the Indian made premium Pure cotton bedsheets with the most elaborative and transparent information about each product. So go ahead, explore, learn more, talk to us, and make the right choice for your bedroom, because that’s where you spend almost 35% of your whole life.!
Some of the interesting facts about bedsheets-
1. It is likely that the first true bedsheets were linen. Linen, derived from the flax plant, has been cultivated for centuries and was expertly cultivated, spun, and woven by the egyptians.
2. The term bed sheet was first used in the 15th century. Bedsheets were traditionally white and made of linen, cotton or silk, but now various colours and patterns are used.
3. Bertha Berman from Haverford Pennsylvania, invented the fitted bed sheet on October 6, 1959.
We @ Pure Decor believes that you should make your home look classic by bringing Pure Decor products at your home.We @ Pure Decor take utmost care about customer's expectations, trust and belief. An indispensable commitment to excellence in every aspect of our existence has made Pure Decor, a Brand of choice.
Pure decor has a variety of products to choose from such as Pure Cotton Super King Size Bedsheet with two pillow covers, Pure Decor Poly Cotton Super King Size Bedsheet with two pillow covers, Pure Decor Pure Cotton King Size Bedsheet with two pillow covers, Pure Decor Poly Cotton King Size Bedsheet with two pillow covers, Pure Decor Pure Cotton Queen Size Bedsheet with two pillow covers, Pure Decor Poly Cotton Queen Size Bedsheet with two pillow covers, Pure Decor Pure Cotton Medium Bed Size Bedsheet with two pillow covers, Pure Decor Poly Cotton Medium Bed Size Bedsheet with two pillow covers, Pure Decor Pure Cotton Single Bed Size Bedsheet with pillow cover and Pure Decor Poly Cotton Single Bed Size Bedsheet with pillow cover, Pure Decor Pure Cotton King Size Comforter, Pure Decor Poly Cotton King Size Comforter, Pure Decor Pure Cotton King Size Comforter, Pure Decor Poly Cotton King Size Comforter, Pure Decor Pure Cotton Single Bed Size Comforter, Pure Decor Poly Cotton Single Bed Size Comforter, Pure Decor Pure Cotton King Size Dohar, Pure Decor Poly Cotton King Size Dohar, Pure Decor Pure Cotton Single Bed Size Dohar, Pure Decor Poly Cotton Single Bed Size Dohar, Pure Cotton Queen Size Dohar, Pure Decor Poly Cotton Queen Size Dohar, Pure Decor Pure Cotton King Size Duvet Cover, Pure Decor Poly Cotton King Size Duvet Cover, Pure Decor Pure Cotton Queen Size Duvet Cover, Pure Decor Poly Cotton Queen Size Duvet Cover, Pure Decor Pure Cotton Single Bed Size Duvet Cover, Pure Decor Poly Cotton Single Bed Size Duvet Cover, Pure Decor Micro Fibre Wool King Size Warm Bedsheet with two pillow covers, Pure Decor Micro Fibre Wool Queen Size Warm Bedsheet with two pillow covers and Pure Decor Micro Fibre Wool Single Bed Size Warm Bedsheet with pillow cover.
Whenever you choose for the fabric for your products, we recommend to go for Pure Cotton Fabrics as there are numerous benefits of Pure Cotton fabrics such as they are comfortable, natural, soft, there is no static electricity, quality of sweat absorption, the fabric is breathable and it is easy to wash.
These all benefits makes pure cotton fabrics the best choice of fabric to be used for a comfortable and luxurious home furnishing experience.
So, choose wisely from the huge available catalogue of Pure Decor, and embrace and cherish every moment of your life.